Divine Acres Great Danes

Divine Acres Purchase Contract

April 4th, 2017

Contract for a Companion Pup

Dennis & Carolyn McNamara
675 Divine Way
Custer, WI 54423
Home Phone: 715-592-4303
Cell 715-347-4303
Email: DivineAcres@wi-net.com


1) If your Divine Acres Dane should die within the first year of its life, due to any congenital birth defect send a report from a veterinarian stating date of death, and cause of death. Return AKC registration papers, at which time the pups original purchase price will be applied toward a replacement pup. Illnesses acquired after purchase not resulting from a definite congenital defect are not covered under this agreement.

2) Your Divine Acres Dane is guaranteed to be free of any bone structure problems due to genetics only, not injury (OCD) or nutrition (HOD). Should such a problem arise, before the age of 2 years, and result in an unsound dog (certified by a veterinarian and must be confirmed with a statement from your nearest diagnostic center) breeder will replace pup with one of similar quality, as available. Replacement will require return of the original Danes AKC papers and proof of spay/neuter. Buyer may keep the Dane or return it to the breeder.

*All replacements are made at such time as breeder has a suitable replacement available. Different litters/bloodlines/colors/pups will sell at different prices; therefore the amount of the original purchase price will be applied toward the purchase of a replacement pup, with the balance (if any) due from the buyer.

*IF it should become necessary for the buyer to surrender their Divine Acres pup/dog for any reason, at any age, the buyer shall immediately return the dog to Divine Acres Great Danes. We will evaluate the dog and place (if possible) in a new home at the discretion of Divine Acres. No money will be paid to the original buyer. Under no circumstances is the said dog to be sold, given, placed or otherwise transferred to anyone not party to this contract without the express written permission of the breeder.

*Guarantees are non-transferable and valid for the original buyer only.

*No cash refunds other than what is stated in the contract.

*If for any reason this contract matter must be settled in a court of law, buyer is responsible for all court costs.

Buyer agrees to:

1) Provide a humane and healthy environment inside your home for the Dane and to provide training (puppy class, etc.) so that the Dane will be both manageable and useful. They will be fed a good quality adult brand dog food.

2) All Divine Acres Danes sold on a limited registration must be spay/neutered before the age of 8 months. This Dane must not be bred.

3) This Dane will carry the Divine Acres title in the registered name.

4)This Dane will receive appropriate inoculations along with heartworm preventative as instructed by a veterinarian.

5) Buyer agrees that if the terms and conditions of this contract are broken, Divine Acres has the right to remove the Dane from the buyers premises. Buyer must also sign AKC papers to breeder.

6) Buyer must notify Divine Acres of any address or phone number change.

7) Buyer may not register said Dane with any other kind of registration other than the AKC.

**Divine Acres Great Danes is not responsible for anything other than that described in this contract. Breeder is not responsible for vet bills of any type or reason. No other guarantees apply. Replacement guarantee will be terminated if any of the above terms have not been met.


By signing below, both parties acknowledge that they have read, understood and agree to the terms of this contract and will abide by it fully.

Date of sale___________________Sire________________________________________

Description of pup______________Dam________________________________________

Sex____________Whelped_________________Orig. Purchase Price_________________

Litter Reg. #_____________________________

Signature of Seller_________________________________________________________

Signiture of Buyer_________________________________________________________

Physical Address__________________________________________________________

Telephone #_____________________________________________________________

Contract for a Show Prospect

Divine Acres Great Danes
Dennis and Carolyn McNamara
675 Divine Way
Custer, WI 54423
Home phone: 715-592-4303
Cell phone: 715-347-4303
Email: divineacres@wi-net.com



KENNEL agrees to: □ Sell □ Co-Own the following dog under the terms specified below:

Dog(s)’ Name: __________________________   Registration # ________________

Sex: ____   Color/Markings: _______________ Date Whelped: __________________

Sire: _____________________________   Dam: ______________________________


Buyer/Co-Owner’s Name(s): _______________________________________________

Buyer(s)’ Address: __________________________________   Phone: _____________


Date: ________   For the Sum of $__________ plus shipping fees of: $___________

Plus additional terms listed separately: ___ Not Applicable   ___ See Addendum



1. To be free of show disqualifying faults as listed in the American Kennel Club standard for the Great Dane.

2. To be free of hereditary defects which would alter the dog’s suitability for breeding including: badly over- or undershot bite; symptomatic hip dysplasia; and congenital heart defects. Not included is eye issues, missing teeth or tail carriage.  Other questionable heritable defects will be considered, provided the BUYER informs the SELLER before the dog reaches 18 months.

3. To be healthy, structurally sound, free of communicable disease and of sound temperament during the first 72 hours after transfer to the BUYER.

It is recommended that the BUYER have the dog examined by his own veterinarian during this time.

A full refund will be given for any dog returned during the first 72 hours for temperament or health problems. The cost of returning the dog for these reasons only will be reimbursed by the SELLER.  BUYER will be responsible for costs incurred to return dogs for reasons other than the above, or after the first 72 hours. The SELLER has made a best effort to accurately and fairly assess the potential of show/breeding dogs at the time of sale.  However, certain disqualifying faults and hereditary conditions may not be evident until dogs reach maturity.  Also, the role of heredity vs. environment in the development of some conditions may be difficult to assess.

In the event such problems arise, SELLER agrees to either: replace the dog (if returned) with one of similar value, when available; or provide a partial refund if the BUYER prefers to keep or place the dog himself.  A replacement or partial refund will be given for any dog displaying a hereditary or show disqualifying fault as described above, provided the dog is returned for examination by the SELLER prior to 18 months of age or breeding.

SELLER reserves the right to have its own veterinarian evaluate claims involving refunds at the SELLER’s expense.  The refund schedule for dogs returned under provisions (1) and (2) above will be as follows: 1. One-third of purchase price for show disqualifying fault which does not render the dog unsuitable for breeding.  2. One-half the purchase price or the difference between the purchase price and the price of a pet from the same litter: $__________ for faults which would make breeding impossible or medically inadvisable.

Refunds will not be made for any reason on dogs over the age of three (3) years or in any case where it is evident that physical inattention, poor husbandry (including accidental injury) or lack of appropriate veterinary attention on the part of the BUYER contributed significantly to the problem for which refund is being sought.  Refunds will be made immediately for dogs returned within the first 72 hours of receipt by the BUYER.  Other refunds will be made within 90 days of return of dog or written request.

THE Buyer/Co-Owner AGREES:

1. To use the kennel name _______________________________ as the first part of the registered name of the dog, if it has not already been individually registered.

2. No puppies sired or produced by this dog will be sold to pet shops or other wholesale outlets.

3. In the event this dog must later be placed, BUYER/CO-OWNER will first notify the SELLER and provide 30 days for SELLER to either assume custody of the dog or find suitable temporary shelter.

4. The SELLER will be notified if the dog is euthanized for any reason.

5. To abide by additional terms: ________________

__ Not Applicable   __  See Addendum (attached).


__ Are provided with this agreement.

__ Will be forwarded to BUYER upon receipt from AKC.

__ Will be held until the following terms are fulfilled: ____________________________


Signed: Breeder/Seller: ______________________Date: _____________

Signed: Buyer/Co-Owner ____________________Date: _____________