Divine Acres Great Danes

Health Testing

April 4th, 2017

We health test all of our Dane and post the results on the OFA website.  For a complete list of all Divine Acres Great Danes (show and companions) in the OFA data base visit this link:

Divine Acres Great Danes

We take health testing further than almost any other Great Dane breeder.  We think that health testing for adult onset diseases should be done well into adulthood (not just once at a year or two old), so we continue updating thyroid and heart testing well into their senior years.

There are few kennels that have as many CHIC Great Danes as Divine Acres!    We are proud to be one of the elite breeders who have multiple generations of CHIC AKC Champion Great Danes!

The Great Dane Club of America, for a breeder to be in good standing, recommends the following:

Breeders Code of Ethics

Breeders Color Code